About us

Evolution Pyrotechnics is a premiere manufacturer of indoor and close-proximity pyrotechnics. Our principals have over 75 years of experience creating the most accurate and reliable pyrotechnics in the industry.

Our state-of-the-art CE approved production facility is one of the largest pyrotechnics manufacturing facilities in the United States. It was designed and built specifically to manufacture precision indoor and close-proximity effects, with safety, performance and reliability as our primary goals. We have vast expansion potential, so we can meet your every need now, and in the future.

We employ high-precision pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing equipment with milligram accuracy. We source the highest quality raw materials and test our products in every stage of production.

We at Evolution Pyrotechnics are also pioneers in the eco-friendly art of perchlorate-free pyrotechnics, with nearly twenty years experience meeting the needs of sensitive venues. Eco-friendly, perchlorate-free versions of most of our effects are available. In addition to our perchlorate-free line, we now offer low-smoke versions of many of our products.

We are committed to continuous refinement of our products and production methods to provide our clients with unmatched accuracy and reliability. At Evolution Pyrotechnics we stand behind our products and offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

You can expect quality high-precision effects, our commitment to your needs and schedules, and our steadfast dedication to advancing the art, so that you may succeed now and going forward.