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Writing in Ancient Assyria

Assyria was probably the most powerful nations in the Near that is ancient East until the 7th century BCE. The assyrians kept many records of their nation’s history because it was such an important nation. These records were kept in the library of Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian king well-known for his wish to have wisdom. The library was possibly the first when you look at the ancient Near East and contained over 30,000 clay tablets! The tablets were organized by genre, plus the library even had indices of what ”books” were available.

The tablets were printed in Akkadian, the language used in ancient Assyria along with Babylon. Akkadian, unlike the Assyrian that is later language had not been a script that could be written on parchment with a pen, but was a kind of cuneiform. Cuneiform is a form of writing where a scribe uses a special stylus, often made of reed, to press into an item of clay before the clay dries. Akkadian letters were formed by the way the stylus was pressed to the clay and groupings of these marks.

Writings of ancient Assyria were interwoven utilizing the concerns and actions associated with royalty. Probably the most important writings we have from ancient Assyria would be the royal annals, historical records that include detailed information on rulers and their achievements. These records are not written in writing, like we now have today, but on multi-sided clay pillars called prisms.

The prism of Tigleth-pileser I, an Assyrian ruler through the 11th century BCE, contained some of those annals. As well as detailing battles and information that is political they even talked on how powerful the ruler was, portraying him as a warrior and also relating him to your gods. Sennacherib’s annals is yet another important writing that is historical the ancient Near East. In addition to singing the praises of Sennacherib, it details his invasion and siege of this Israelite city of Jerusalem in 701 BCE.

Letters are another real way we now have records for the reputation for ancient Assyria in addition to nation’s interaction along with other nations. Letters were typically sent from one ruler to some other – again, on clay tablets instead of paper. The Amarna letters, found in Egypt, show an exchange between the Egyptian pharaoh and the Assyrian ruler. The letters dealt with political information like military forces and plans, but also included information regarding arranging marriages, trading goods, and gifts that are exchanging.

The ancient Assyrians were heavily involved with mystical studies, like astrology, omens, and predictions. Omens were a fairly common style of writing that were predictions of a thing that would happen as time goes by, good or bad. However, omens were not things that are definite would happen, but were causal, meaning finished . might happen if something else happened first. These were essentially ”if . then” statements.

A good example (on a much smaller scale) of an omen could be something similar to: ”If John eats the cookies before dinner, then his mom will be upset with him.” But in Assyria, omens will be on a much larger scale, usually relating to the success of the country or perhaps the ruler.

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