NOM Launching a worldwide Organization For Marriage

NOM Launching a worldwide Organization For Marriage

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We realize that National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown invested a while in Paris and therefore certainly one of NOM’s social media marketing dudes is in charge of a site rallying opposition contrary to the marriage bill that is french. But us supsected), NOM’s connections to the French marriage debate run even deeper as it turns out (and as many of.

Within the week-end, i obtained an email from the French activist working closely using the pro-equality part. He stated this:

We knew which our french opponents decided to go to the usa during wintertime 2012, but we had no formal clue of this advantages they got from their journey.

But we currently know in the US I suppose (mass postcards mailings), but new here that they use technology from OpusFidelis in direct marketing, quite common for you.

And even though the opponents right right here state they have been non-political and non-religious, we understand without a doubt, and now have proofs, that the Catholic Church has arranged every thing and it is behind the battle.

In the event you required the verification.

As regular NOM Exposed visitors undoubtedly understand, Opus Fidelis could be the Catholic social media marketing firm that handles each of NOM’s electronic production. For this reason if you see a hyperlink up to a NOM post on Twitter or Twitter, the web link will frequently read like therefore:

The “” component describes OpusFidelis; NOM could be the deeply Catholic OpusFidelis’ celebrity customer. That is itself, which is another one of Opus’ clients if you don’t count the Vatican.

Therefore centered on this e-mail, we began searching around a bit more to verify the connections to which my pal that is french alluded. The things I found is pretty darn insightful.

First of all, always check down this e-mail blast that we stumbled on. Don’t be concerned if you fail to read French; I mostly would like you to pay attention to the styling plus one associated with the English lines at the end associated with the blast:

Okay, first the styling. Then you know that this one looks near-identical to NOM’s standard email template if you’ve ever seen one of NOM’s email blasts. Exact Same logo (though in silver), same pic that is smiling of company’s president, exact same keeping of social networking links—same every thing. Which is because both are coming through the one, main, Catholic-driven mail order brides hub that unites those two fights: Opus Fidelis. Then click on the following Opus Fidelis website link, that may simply take one to the aforementioned e-mail: if you want further evidence of this link with NOM’s social media marketing hub.

But much more interesting than NOM’s apparent link with that one battle could be the line in the bottom of the e-blast which notes that this French type of NOM is really “a charter member associated with the Global Organization for Marriage.” This might be news! This is apparently a statement of a more substantial umbrella organization that NOM have not yet unveiled—one that may you will need to export NOM’s American divisiveness to whatever country may ask them to. France appears to be a action in a plan that is sweeping.

To be honest, none of us should really be astonished to see NOM causeing this to be worldwide move. All things considered, in those exact same strategy papers we unveiled the following on NOM Exposed 12 months ago (the people where NOM told of intends to “drive a wedge between blacks and gays”), NOM explained its intent to start out a worldwide supply:

We all know NOM has relocated ahead with all of the other plans in those strategy documents (including the “drive a wedge” one); it is merely a extension for the plan that is international with France being the initial chess move around in a bigger, planetary onslaught on the part of inequality. Given that it’s NOM’s Earth, apparently—we get discriminated within just it.

We are going to keep after this brand new worldwide campaign as it develops. Stay tuned in. Remain vigilant.

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